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FCA Leadership Camp

Each summer, FCA hosts leadership camps across America for leaders to learn about different opportunities that are available through FCA. These camps help prepare students to minister through FCA in their school and community.

Asbury College in Wilmore, Kentucky is the location of the FCA camp that CHS students attend. Officers from the club are sent to learn more about Christian leadership in a school setting.

Annual Lock-In

The annual FCA lock-in is held in the spring of each school year at the Wartburg Civic Center.  A praise band, speaker or other inspirational service is usually held on a Friday.  Afterwards, the action lasts all night.  Free pizza dinner, drinks, and other snacks are available as long as they last.  FCA plans many games such as Star Wars, Gotcha, Shoe Race, Balloon Game, and others.  One main attraction is the annual 3-on-3 tournaments.  Prizes are awarded for winners every year.  It is a great time of fellowship as well as outreach.



FCA In-school Meetings

Central High FCA hosts an in-school meeting almost once per month.  Any student who wants to participate may leave the class they are currently in to attend the meeting.  FCA has invited several well-known speakers including Lucas Herd, “Ace” Clement, the Northams, and several local church and youth leaders.  They have also hosted various choirs and youth groups.  In-schools usually include some kind of activity and always open in prayer.


Weekly Meetings

Wartburg’s FCA meets twice a week in room 201. There are Wednesday morning meetings at 8:00 a.m and lunch meetings on Fridays.  Anyone is welcome to attend.  Usually a lesson is prepared by a speaker or officer as well as a short activity and prayer.  Often the meeting also includes planning for an outreach activity or school or community service.  A monthly pizza lunch is offered to all students which always includes a speaker and an activity. 

“See You At The Pole” Day

Once per year, students from all over the world rally to their own school’s flag-pole to pray for their school, country, and leaders.  Wartburg Central High students also carry out this tradition of prayer at their own flag annually, along with other schools across America.



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