Activities - Environmental Science

Students in Jennifer Sexton's and Dan Shoemaker's Environmental Science classes experience "hands-on" learning situations as they study water quality, soil quality, plant identification, as well as forestry and environmental issues. They have established relationships with the TVA Kids in the Creek program, the Emory River Watershed Association, and participated in the Envirothon Competition. They also conducted guided tours of their Outdoor Classroom for several groups of elementary students from Wartburg Central Elementary School. Many of their activities are chronicled in this site.

This section was Created by Environmental Science students Michael Cross and Josh Potter during Spring 2000. Justin Daugherty reorganized and changed this section in the Fall of 2008.

Environmental Science is a unique course offered to sophomores, juniors, or seniors.The textbook is used only as a reference. Instead, students take advantage of the abundance of environmental opportunities on campus and in the community.A variety of activities are included throughout the term.

Students study watersheds, soils, water quality, forests, and other environmental issues under the guidance of Mr. Dallas Davis. The Outdoor Classroom offers "hands-on" opportunities for students to put their classroom knowledge to use. Students spend considerable time at the pond and along the nature trails becoming familiar with water quality testing, soil analysis, wildflower identification, and studying the impact of environmental issues.

Students from Central Elementary School are taken through the Outdoor Classroom and taught by the high school students enrolled in Environmental Science.Partnerships have been developed with TVA, TWRA, and TDEC through the Kids in the Creek program and the annual Tennessee Envirothon competition.

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