Activities - U.S.S. LST 451

U.S.S. LST 451

A tribute to the men who served on the LST 451 during World War II. It contains pictures and names of the officers and crewmembers as well as information about the ship. Reunion pictures from the past several years are also included.

Kevin Peddicord, a student at CHS, began this project in 1998 during a Keyboarding class. Science teacher Dallas Davis' father, Kenneth Davis, served aboard the LST 451 and expressed a desire for the information which his father had about the ship be put into a form for others to see.

Subsequent work was completed on the site by Kevin during Word Processing II and Interactive Multimedia Design.

This site has been included in the Navy's Scuttlebutt newsletter, which is mailed to Navy veterans.

Created by: Kadie Rose
Last Updated: April 2009