Activites - Roane State Academic Festival

2008 Participants

Congratulations to all of the students who represented Central High School in the Roane State Academic Festival for 2008!

Great job everyone, and good luck in the next RSAF.


The following students placed:

Raven Cross and Eugene Poole - 1st in Qualitative Analysis

Business and Computer Literacy:
Matilda Lane - 2nd in Word Processing
Bethany Harlan - 3rd in Word Processing
Team: Madison Branstetter, David Kunsman, Stacey Galloway, Allison Olmstead - 2nd in WWW Programming
Team: Daniel Thomas, Joshua Uribe, Dustin Hardwick - 1st in WWW Programming

Skylar Adams and Lauren Byrd - 2nd in Pop Dance Group

Ashton Taylor - 2nd in 40 Word Dash Freshman/Sophomore Level
Nikole Evans - 2nd in 40 Word Dash Junior/Senior Level
Shayna McLaughlin - 1st in 80 Word Dash Junior/Senior Level

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Last Updated: March 2009