Alumni - Class Superlatives 1995-99

1995-99 Class Superlatives


Mr. and Ms. Central - Carey Newport
Kevin Human

Most Tenacious - Melanie Phillips
Keith Gardner

Most Cerebrally - Martina Nerger
Michael Roettger

Most Likely to be Rich and Famous - Leah VanNorstran
Tim Vespie

Most Creative - Jessica Taylor
Brian Peddicord

Most Mischievous - Joanna McPeters
Tommy Young

Most Courageous - Christy Coker
Scott Morgan

Most Obnoxious - Pammy Hill
CJ Porter

Most Likely to Appear on Oprah - Brandy Baker
Cody Teague

Moodiest - Morgan Wilson
Carl Gastin

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Mr. and Ms. Central High - Kristie Ebberts
Jeff Putz

Most Likely to Ace the ACT - Jamie Jones
B.J. Diden

Slyest - Heidi Obid Zinski
Chris Chandler

We Get Around - Tina VanNorstran
Dustin Wilson

Spaciest - Amy Hood
Casey Will

Most Athletic - Misty Taylor
Nathan Burgess

Biggest Flirts - Toni Harney
John Robinson

The Spice of Life - Holly Morgan
Mark Carroll

Biggest Primps - April Williams
Eldon Schubert

Biggest Rednecks - Tonya Hamby
Darren Kelly

Most Likely to End up on a Milk Carton - Sabrina Davidson
Clifford Ledford

Biggest Gossip - Heather Harris
Travis Chapman

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No year book available.

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Mr. and Ms. Central - Cindy Melhorn
Damon Parks

Mr. and Ms. Senior - Julie Soldner
Damon Shadden

Biggest Flirt - Toni Cooper
Ashley Stewart

Most Accident Prone - Kari Moses
J.R. Matheson

Best Dressed - Autumn Lamance
Chad Tollett

Most Courteous - Cheryl Williams
David Bethuy

Most Athletic - Melanie Bradshaw
Josh Susak

Most Likely to Succeed - Jocelyn Hamby
James Burgess

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Mr. and Ms. Central - Michelle Cox
Jeremy Griffith

Least likely to be forgotten - Sarah Swicegood
Jacob Smith

Class Clowns - Jenny Wilke
Josh Cox

Most Athletic - Amy Human
David Blakney

Biggest Flirts - Allison Peters
Doug Beasley

Most Likely to be on Jeopardy - Jessica Harris
Taylor Loy

Biggest Rednecks - Robin Justice
Jake Wyatt

Most Courteous - Jana Rains
Johnathan Underwood

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