Alumni - Class Superlatives 2000-05

2000-05 Class Superlatives


Mr. and Ms. Central - Jeannie Hembree
Michael Newport

Mr. and Ms. Millennium - Joanie Hembree
Brad Knight

Best Dressed - Alison Morgan
Robbie Russell

Most Likely to Succeed - Sara Jones
Robbie Harris

Class Clowns - Jessica Heidel
Brad Bingham

Most Unique - Dominique Hawn
Sean Marmon

Most Athletic - Ginger Morgan
Thomas Susak

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Mr. and Ms. Central - Stephanie Bradshaw
Jonathan Dagley

Most Athletic - Jordan Dyer
Noah Beasley
Josh Melton

Biggest Flirts - Kristin Armes
Ricky Mayberry

Most School Spirited - Stacey Griffith
Tommy Francis

Best Personality - Haley McCoy
Travis Hood
Billy Garrett

Mr. and Ms. Senior - Amy Allen
Tommy Francis

Mr. GQ and Ms. Covergirl - Amy Allen
Patrick Pullum

Most Likely to be on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" - Emily Roettger
Jonathan Laymance

Biggest Rednecks - Natalie Stewart

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Mr. and Ms. Central - Judy Ann Seiber
Justin David Dagley

Best Dressed - Kristin Gunter
Jonathan Giles

Most Likely to Succeed - Chancie Miller
Joe Morgan

Class Clowns - Sarah Vincent
Ryan Jackson

Most Unique - Hannah Tucker
David Fly

Most Athletic - Kimberly Diden
Derrick Sills

Most Dependable - Chancie Miller
Jason Nelson

Best Personality - Lacey Armes
Kevin Freytag

Most School Spirited - Judy Seiber
Jonathan Giles

Biggest Flirts - Kelli Osborne
John England

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Mr. and Ms. Central - Danielle Farmer
Andrew Knight

Best Dressed - Jessica Jones
Jacob Melton

Most Likely to Succeed - Heather Gunter
Freddie Taylor

Class Clowns - Tiffany Spence
Chris Hawkins

Most Unique - Megan Diden
Ryan Gunter

Most Athletic - Amber Jeffers
John T. Armes

Most Outgoing - April Wright
Derek Daugherty

Most Talented - Mica Willard
Ryan Gunter

Best Ride - Talessa Wallace
Jake Hawn

Most School Spirited - Shailyn Mehle
Justin Cockburn

Biggest Flirt - Sara Garrett
Ryan Hamm

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Mr. and Ms. Central - Millicent Blakeny
Josh Crozier

Best Dressed - Shauna Ridings
Josh Crozier

Most Likely to Succeed - Rachel West
Adam Beaubien

Class Clowns - Savannah Howard
Tyler Cooper

Most Unique - Josh Duncan
Ahsley Hamby

Most Athletic - Millicent Blakeny
Jerriel Inman

Most Outgoing - Amanda Beasley
Matt Wilson

Most Talented - Bethany Beaty
Daniel Morgan

Best Ride - Jessica Hamby
Alex Melhorn

Biggest Flirts - Teresa Hamby
Brent Hamby

Most Likely to Sleep in Class- Callie Thornton
Chad Potter

Most Unforgettable - Addie Rains
Brent Human

Quietest - Lorra Griffith
Megan Watters
Jonathan Pierce

Most Changed in High School- Jessica Collins
Justin Davenport

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