Alumni - Class Superlatives 2006-2010

2006-2010 Class Superlatives


Mr. and Ms. Central - Ray Jenkins
Megan Lamance

Most likely to Suceed- Lance Lloyd
Tabitha Smith

Best Dressed - Dustin Aytes
Meghan Winegar

Biggest Flirt- Ray Jenkins
Angela Melhorn

Class Clowns - Tom LeComte
Lydia Sellers

Most Unforgettable - B.J. Breeden
De De Laymance

Most Athletic - Jeremy Shannon
Ginger McGhee

Best Ride- Micheal Jones
Elizabeth Landrum
Rachel Swint

Best Personality - Andrew Griffith
Jeremiah Heidle
Brandi Hawn

Most Unique- Jessie Ellis
Rachel Sills

Most Changed In High School- Chad Sills
Kayla Stedam

Most Talented - Lance Lloyd
Liz Davis

Most Confused - Jamie Gibson
Courtney Lavender

Loudest Laugh- James Daniel
Erica Hester

Most Laidback- Seth George
Elaine Gosnell

Most Likely to Get Embarassed- Micheal Bradshaw
Megan Farmer

Most Likely to Sleep in Class- Jontz Potter
Rene Lee

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Mr. and Ms. Central - Travis Nelson
Christy Burgess

Most likely to Suceed- Jeremy Haynes
Christy Burgess

Best Dressed - D.J. Shannon
Tiffany Lloyd

Biggest Flirt- Dustin Brown
Veronica Arquette

Class Clowns - Dustin Cooper
Sarah Rose

Most Unforgettable - Tyler Winstead
Cassie Kunsman

Most Athletic - Travis Nelson
Ashley Jones

Best Ride- Anthony Rogers
Julie LaMance

Less Changed In High School Jordan Perkins
Amanda Williams

Most Unique- Tyler Lowery
Paige Hopf

Most Changed In High School- Evan Jackson
Heather Ausburn

Most Talented - Erik Engebretson
Cassie Orr

Most Talkative- Trevor James
Sarah Woody

Most Spirited- Jessie Yound
Megan Landrum

Best All Around- Dustin Armes
Samantha Jones

Less Talkative- Michael Lammel
Megan Williams

Most Opinionated- Aaron Harvey
Brittany Davis

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Mr. and Ms. Central - Jared Sellers
Allison Olmstead

Most School Spirit- Jared Sellers
Brittany Cooter

Best Dressed - Nick Barnes
Casey Orr

Biggest Flirt- Vade Scruggs
Amanda Staten

Class Clowns - Waylon Niner
Natasha Nance

Most Unforgettable - Derek McCartt
Brett Lamance

Most Athletic - Scottie Phillips
Ashley Settles

Best Ride- Derek Heidel
Lindsey Jackson

Biggest Redneck- Josh Davidson
Lauren Morgan

Most Likely to Text in Class- Trey Wilson
Chirstina Human

Most Changed In High School- Jared Lane
Tiffany Adkisson

Most Likely to Fall at Graduation- Daniel Evans
Nicole Elkins

Least Changed- Brandon Lester
Mahala Stedam

Best All Around- Thomas Hutcherson
Brittany Hood

Most Likely to Skip Class- Josh Foster
Heather Vespie

Most Likely to Be on the Cover of a Magazine- T.J. Greene
Skylar Adams

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Mr. and Ms. Central - Eugene Poole
Sarah Coker

Best Dressed- Shawn Langley
Courtney Melhorn

Most School Spirited- Kyle Huckaby
Lauren Byrd

Biggest Flirt- Phillip Daugherty
Christine Hurst

Class Clowns - Andrew Howard
Kristin Bunch

Most Unforgettable - Josh Kidd
Mie Marie Gronning

Most Athletic - Eugene Poole
Taleah Armes

Best Ride- Jake Teague
Lindsay Nichols

Best Personality - Andrew Griffith
Jeremiah Heidle
Brandi Hawn

Most Unique- Marty Giffith
Kadie Meadors

Most Changed In High School- Adam Giffith
Hayley Dyer

Life of The Party- Lance Wagner
Ashley Howard

Most likely to be a Rockstar- Steven Phillips
Megan Evans

Most Likely to have a Blonde Moment- Jacob Griffith
Danielle Greene

Most Opinionated- Joe Norris
Brianna Beasley
Most Likley to Brighten Your Day- Aaron Wright
Elizabeth Barnes

Best to Bring Home to Mom and Dad- Dustin Bonham
Bethany Harlan

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Mr. and Ms. Central - Drew Jenkins
Lauren Bunch

Mr. and Ms. Vocational Zach Davidson
ShaHonnah Carroll

Best Dressed - Kyle Schubert
Kyra Hamby

Biggest Flirt- Steven Williamson
Shayla Basler

Class Clowns - Sawyer Webb
Ashton Taylor

Most Unforgettable - Benny Shoemaker
Bryson Scruggs

Best Ride- Logan Bunch
Alisha Winegar

Life of The Party- Tyler Scarborough
Hannah Seiber

Most Unique- Mitchell Hoggard
Beth Hurst

Most Changed In High School- Anthony Stewart
Vannessa Rudnitzki

Most Likely to Brighten Your Day- Corey Keathly
Chelsea Potter

Most Energetic- Mitchell Ledford
Erika Trail

Most Opinionated- Stephen Carroll
Courtney Bell

Most Likely to be a Rockstar- Johnny Shannon
Rayne Henshaw

Most Unique- Mitchell Hoggard
Beth Hurst

Most School Spirited- Cody Sexton
Chelsie Spurling

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