Alumni - Class Superlatives 2016-2020

2016-2020 Class Superlatives



Mr. and Ms. Central - Savannah Shanklin
Johnny Craigo

Most Likely to Owe You Money Dylan Grimes
Olivia Hamby

Best Hair- Zach Smith
Taylor Morgan

Biggest Flirt- Jordan Davis
Kristin Barnett

Best Person to Take Home
to Mom and Dad
Savannah Smith
Derrick Justes

Best Ride- Jared Miller
Ashlee Carella

Most Likely to be Caught
Sleeping in Class
Katie Hopson
Josh Jackson

Most Likely to Succeed Savannah Melton
Alex Miller

Mr. & Mrs. MCCTC Brianna Brys
Mikey Dautel

Most Likely to Cheer You Up Christy Griffith
Wyatt Winnie

Most School Spirit Savannah Shanklin
Bronson Beasley

Most Talented Nate Thorne
Emily Ziegler

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Mr. and Ms. Central - Jordan Layne
Brooklyn Hall

Best Smile Brooklyn Hall
Jackson Williams

Best Shoulder to Cry On Christen Watson
Caleb Overholt

Worst Case of Senioritis Jacob Cooley
Sara Buffalo

Best Ride Sydney Elrod
Jordan Layne

Most Athletic Haley Hough
Thomas Carroll

Most Talented Sarah Blalock
Christian Brown

Most Tech-Savvy Aaron Thurman
Courtney Sexton

Mr. and Ms. MCCTC Rachel Young
Dallas Vowel

Most Ambitious Sydney Kidd
Johnathan Laymance

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Mr. and Ms. Central - Jacob Ralston
Sydney Young

Mr. and Ms. MCCTC Ethan Helton
Eustacia Vowel

Biggest Over Achiever Hunter Strutton
Summer Garrett

Biggest Flirt- Brandon Grimes
Mackenzie Armes

Best All Around Boone Davidson
Olivia Stringfield

Most Likely to Cheer You Up Cole Keeton
Tesia Webb

Most Athletic - Dillon Fountain
Hannah Hurtt

Best Laugh Preston Vann
Madison Robertson

Best Hair Bailey Bunch
Macy Smith

Best Dresssed Kirk Harlan
Madison Hamby

Best Driver Parker Barnes
Raegan Aytes

Worst Driver Dakota Smith
Cassidy Jones

The Life of The Party Noah Barnette
Mackeinzie Morgan

The Couple That Never Was Santiago Octavo
Makayla Poland

Most Talented Jacob Ralston
Carol Barnette

Most Likely to Be Late to Graduation Jesse Melhorn
Tessa Wright

Million Dollar Smile Darren Decker
Emma Duncan

The President That Never Was Adam Greene

Most Likely to Skip Class Justice Rose

Biggest Glow Up Ethan Broadus
Cheyanne Williams

Best Shoulder to Cry On Ashtyn Hambright
Katelyn Ashburn

Most School Spirit Austin Swint
Sydney Young

Most Likely to Get Arrested Wyatt Howard
Mckynna Susak

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Mr. and Ms. Central - Isaiah Hamby
Caylin Johnson

Mr. and Ms. MCCTC Zach Asbury
Madilyn Williams

Never Shows Up Bailey Craigo
Kayla Hamby

Coolest Car Luke Lasig
Allie Aytes

Worst Case of Senioritis Bailey Craigo
Cynthia Susak

Class Clowns Logan Heidle
Caylin Johnson

Most Athletic - Josh Moore
Raelee Jones

Couple That Never Was Dalton Hiatt
Erica Jones

Biggest Bookworm Isaiah Hamby
Raven Wry

Biggest Flirt Jake Branstetter
Megan Williams

Teacher's Pet Kinley Hamby
Morgan Smith

Biggest Glow Up Dalton Hiatt
Alex Nelson

Most Likely to Get Arrested Michael Dixon
Anna Tyree

Most Artistic Ethan Kinser
Destiny Matheson

Best All Around Jake Hamby
Raelee Jones

Biggest Drama King and Queen Michael Dixon
Hannah Gosnell

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Mr. and Ms. Central - Lucian Bunch
Heather Manis

Mr. and Ms. MCCTC Stephanie Garrett
Gabe Branstetter

Most Changed Since Freshman Year Brynden Bales
Devin Strutton

Best Hair Savannah Hamby
Owen Vespie

Most Athletic Madison Holley
Caleb McCarty

Most Likely to Brighten Your Day Lindsey Anderson
Eli Morton

Most Likely to Succeed Olivia Jones
Lucian Bunch

Most Likely to Skip Malory Hamby
Jake Swint

Most Likely to Put Others First Maggie Shirks
Elijah Langley

Most Unforgetable Sheldon Oliver
Sierra Wilson

Most Likely to Be Famous Grace Hamby
Caleb Hammond

Most Likely to Get Arrested Madelyn Cox
Austin Christian

Best Vehicle Naomi Gunter
Colby Justes

Biggest Flirt Jeremiah Davis
Malea Potter

Class Clown Heather Manis
Trevor Hill

Best All Around Mara Morgan
Caden Durham

Biggest Redneck Madison Ridge
Gabe Branstetter

Best Dressed Sallie Basler
Tyler Gosnell

Kindest Whitley Williams
Michael Maden

Best to Cheat Off Of Dana Duncan
Jakob Lowe

Most Musical C. Gracie Smith
Matthew Hyde

Teacher's Pets Amelia Parris
Samuel Howard

Most Likely to Get Caught Cheating Autumn Wilson
Karl Kinser

Scatter Brain Bailey Hurst
Karl Kinser


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