Alumni - Remember When - Mrs. Jean Carson

Mrs. Carson taught at Central High School for many years where she was admired for her spirit and leadership. She directed undiluted devotion and attention to the school and students. As a result of her dedication, the 1977 annual was dedicated to her. In our sincerest appreciation we thank her for providing the information below.

  • 1950-1951: Football Season Coach Homer Rice lead the Bulldogs to a 10-0 Season
  • Games were played in the afternoon on the old playground with just a rope holding the crowd back. School turned out and tickets were sold for .25 and .50 cents.
  • John R. Dillon was principal and grades 1-12 were in the same building. Some of the teachers at the time were Marjorie Buxton, Eva Adcock, Mrs. Stott, Thelma Freytag, Bessie Jones, Virgie Heidel, Katie Peters, Stella Maden, Charlie Human Louise Petitt, and Mattie Scott.
  • The band was 3rd period on stage while P.E. classes were also using the gym.
  • There were no school secretaries, students worked in the office and helped serve lunch.
  • 1980-1981: This was the football season when the Bulldogs went on to the Sub State. There was a parade up town during the afternoon ending with a pep-rally.
  • Homecoming we decorated the goal posts, weaved crepe paper through the wire fence, and made signs. Spirit week with bonfires; decorating the halls; raising money for homecoming queen: with bake sales, rummage sales, car washes, raffles on quilts, guns, cakes, and etc, and Rock-A-Thons at school all night, Viewing of the body, funeral, corsages, and during half-time senior girls wore white dresses and the others blue dresses when electing the homecoming queen while the senior class raised the money for the homecoming queen.
  • The majorettes at the time were Carol Williams, Sara Jo Goodman, and Gail Hamby. The Cheerleaders were whoever signed Coach Sam Kinsley's list each week. We only had 6 sweaters so each girl had to furnish their own skirt
  • Sam Kinsley Coached Football, Girls and Boys Basketball.
  • Wanda and Nina Heidel helped Coach John "TEX" Davis coach his last year of Girls Basketball.
  • Seniors took trips to Washington DC, Mammoth Cave, KY; and Daytona Beach. [I can remember] Pizza Parties in motel rooms, moonlight strolls on the beach, the LONG bus ride, Disney World!! Chaperones!!
  • Each school hosted every four years a county wide literary meet combined with a field meet.
  • Principals were John R. Dillon, Allen Nance, Jake Gamble, Jimmy Jones, Stonney Lane, and Edd Diden.
  • Yearbooks of this time are a result of Miss Ethel Freytag's efforts to persuade the school board to let us have a picture book. In 1952 the school board said "NO" to annuals.
  • Central Graduates who have also taught here: Music-Harry Fritts, Art-Kathleen Cowling, Auto Mechanics-Hugh Adcock.
  • Cheerleaders were Loretta Lowe, Yvonne Heidel, Joan Vespie, Cindy Davis, Joannie Walls, and Leila Faye Armes.

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