Courses - Chemistry

Chemistry is a course that explores the properties of substances and the changes that substances undergo.  The following major areas will be investigated:

  • Atomic Structure
  • Matter and Energy
  • Interactions of Matter
  • Properties of Solutions and Acids and Bases

Students will:

  • compare and contrast various models of the atom.
  • investigate the basic organization of the periodic table.
  • describe models of the atoms in terms of orbitals, electron configuration, orbital notation, quantum numbers, and electron-dot structure.
  • investigate the composition of the nucleus so as to explain isotopes and nuclear reactions.
  • relate the spectral lines of the atom's emission spectrum to the transition of electrons between energy levels within an atom.
  • investigate the characteristics of matter.
  • explore the interactions of matter and energy.
  • investigate chemical bonding.
  • analyze chemical reactions.
  • explore mathematics of chemical formulas and equations.
  • investigate characteristics of solutions.
  • investigate characteristics of acids and bases.


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