Courses - General Music

In this course, you will learn about each of the six periods of music. Each of the musical periods offer distinct types of musical literature and are relative to the historical happenings of the time frame in which they are listed. You will become familiar with the different composers, types of works, and the theory upon which those works are based.

In addition to the musical periods, you will also learn how to read musical notation and will be able to identify notes in the treble and bass clefs. You will have some study opportunities where you will actually work with a piano keyboard to learn the placement of notes and pitches.  We will be singing in class also. You will be graded on participation and giving your best efforts. We will be singing excerpts from our text, as well as modern and contemporary songs. Singing, alone and with others, is the top standard of the music curriculum.

You will also be required to do listening analyses of different musical works. Most of these assignments will be during class time. However, it is encouraged that you spend time at home becoming familiar with the works that we discuss in class.

Course Description (in PDF)
Classroom Procedures (in PDF)

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