Courses - Resource Biology 1A & 1B

Biology 1A & 1B is designed to last two years and to be taught in conjunction with Algebra 1A & 1B during one block . This will be two forty five minute class during one block.  This will give the student extra time to master the information in each course. Biology 1A is a pre-requisite to Biology 1B.  One credit in each of these courses is required for graduation with a regular education diploma. The course will include instruction in the following areas:

  • Plant and animal communities
  • Plant and animal cell structures
  • Levels of organization of living things
  • Plant and animal classification
  • Plant processes
  • Cellular division and reproduction of organisms
  • Heredity Human growth and development
  • Animal behavior
  • Human organ systems
  • Ecology
  • Careers in biology and related fields

Course Description (in PDF)


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