Publications - Handbook


Principal's Welcome, History of Central High School, History of Wartburg Castle

Student Information

Mission Statement, Beliefs, and School Goals

Student Expectations


Support Staff, Clubs and Activities

Athletic Program, Academic Requirements for Athletes

Grades and Grading, Calculating a GPA, Schedule Changes, Advanced Cource Criteria, Credit Recovery

Repeating a Course, Foreign Exchange Students, Illness, Driver's License

School Day, Student Message, Valuable Articles, Lost and Found

Alma Mater

Bell Schedule

School Calendar

Football Schedule

Volleyball Schedule

Basketball Schedule

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Student Rules & Regulation

Guidelines and Procedure, Responsibility for Your Own Actions, Personal Relationship, Dress and Grooming

Closed Campus Policy

Assertive Discipline, Discipline Plans

School-wide Student Dicipline Offenses

Conduct Standards for Classroom, Detention

Use of Law Enforcement, Cheating/Plagiarism, Hallways

Lockers, Substitute Teachers, Cafetaria, Visitors

Attendance Policy

Student/Parent Expectations

Excused Absences, Appeals, School-Related Absences, Attendance Incentives

Tardies, Early Dismissals from School

Family Trips, Attendance Requirements for Students in Extracurricular Activities

Renaissance Program

Gold/Silver/Bronze Card Benefits; Discipline Standards, Attendance Standards

Guidance and Counseling

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Appendix A - Alcohol Policy

Appendix B - Student Suspension Policy

Appendix C - Tobacco Policy

Appendix D - Fighting Policy

Appendix E - Assemblies

Appendix F - Bus Conduct

Appendix G - Student Drivers

Appendix H - Library Media Center

Appendix I - Transfer Policy

Appendix J - Americans with Disabilities Act - Compliance Statement

Appendix K - Rights and Responsibilities

Appendix L - Student Alcohol and Drug Testing

Appendix M - Disaster Plan

Appendix N - Computer Technology - Acceptable Use Policy

Appendix O - Student Access to Electronic Media

Appendix P - School-Parent Involvement Policy

Appendix Q - Student Concerns, Complaints & Grievances

Appendix R - Discrimination/Harassment of Students

Appendix S - Right to Review Teacher Qualifications

Appendix T - Consent to Give Military Recruiters Access to Student Information

Appendix U - Technology Acceptable Use and Internet Safety Guidelines

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Updated by: Leah Jenkins
Last Updated: October 2011