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Story by Mr. Zandy Knox

Spring is a time of new growth. Likewise, academic growth is budding at CHS. The Web Design class has embraced the challenge to report on school events with renewed vigor. This dedicated handful of individuals has accepted the challenge of informing the student body, faculty, staff, and the surrounding community of successes in the Central High community.

Mrs. Mei Ling Haynes, the Web Design teacher, challenges students to report on academic and extracurricular events—and emphasizes the need to do so in a time-sensitive manner. She explains some of the basic goals for students as learning “basic HTML coding” and being able to “create a good webpage . . . using principles of design. Building web pages is not just about creating pictures, and that is where this [writing and coding] comes in,” says Haynes. Mrs. Haynes emphasizes the importance of writing for specific audiences: “Web pages are not just for themselves; they are for everybody to see.” Students are thus challenged to complete their assignments for audiences with varying interests and needs.

Although the class does present unique challenges, the students approach them as opportunities for growth: Cortney Hutchison is “trying to remember the codes” and practicing them daily while updating her assigned pages on the CHS website. Michael Raines further explains that in addition to learning HTML, he is learning “how to write an article” for a specific audience—a skill that helps him in both Web Design and his English class. While she also enjoys the academic challenges, Lexie Bray explains her rationale for enrolling in this class a bit more succinctly: “I like Mrs. Haynes.”

Mrs. Haynes is seeking students who are interested in taking Web Design in the 2012-13 school year.

Created by: Lexie Bray
Last Updated: March 2012