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Thanks for visiting our web site. The Wartburg Central High School Web Page Design class designs and maintains the WCHS site and many other web sites for organizations in the Morgan County Area.

Student During the Fall 2005 semester, the Web Page Design students worked to redesign the school's website. Students searched other web sites and made suggestions for features to includestudent working on the new site. Hours were spent by the students making the hundreds of decisions related to the branding features for the site. Particular attention was paid to make the site user friendly and easy to navigate. Issues such as file and folder naming conventions, page structure, and image compression were discussed and agreed upon. Students volunteered for the sections of the site they wanted to create or update. Information was gathered, pictures were taken, and pages were created or updated.

When the beta testing began, a select number of students and faculty members provided input and suggestions on improving the newly designed pages. The students critiqued one another's pages and worked tirelessly making corrections and tweaking pages to make sure the site reflected the quality they were striving to attain. After more than three month's work, the students proudly unveiled the new website on December 16, 2005!

The Fall 2006 Web Page Foundations class was mostly newcomers. They learned the fundamentals of XHTML code and how to work in a team. Projects were completed by each student. Considering the small amount of time they had to update the website, not many changes were made to the official school website.

StudentStudents in the Fall 2007 Web Page Design class continued to update, correct, and refine the WCHS website. Students applied their skills in web design theory using XHTML markup language and the GUI software editor, Dreamweaver 8, as they cover the objectives for the Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW) Site Designer Exam. Team building, leadership, and communicaton skills are being developed as the students worked in small groups to update the site. In April of 2006, two teams of students put their web design skills to the test as they competed in the RSCC Academic Festival, placing first and second in the WWW Programming Competition!

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