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Provides information about each community in Morgan County.

Imagination Library

Details about Dolly Parton's Imagination Library Program in Morgan County.

Adult Computer Classes

Funded by a CROET grant, these classes were open to the public. Individuals attend the classes to learn basic computer skills for employment oppurtunities.

Colonization Thesis

In 1925, Hobart Schofield Cooper, a resident of Morgan County, submitted his thesis entitled "German and Swiss Colonization in Morgan County, Tennessee" to the University of Tennessee in partial fulfillment of the requirements of his Master of Arts degree. This thesis contains an interesting account of the early years of Morgan County.

Morgan County History

The history of Morgan County Tennessee.

Wartburg Castle

In Germany, Martin Luther hid in a castle while translating the New Testament. This castle still stands in Eisenach, Germany, and is a testimony of the courage and faith of people willing to risk their lives for their religious beliefs. This area of the country reminded the Germans of Germany. The castle had become our trademark.

Wartburg History

The history of Wartburg Tennessee.

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