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The National Beta Club was founded in South Carolina in 1934. Founders of the club wanted to recognize students who exemplified the ideals of character, leadership, and achievement.
Today, there are more than 417,000 members of the Beta Club world-wide. On April 7, 1937, the Central High chapter of the National Beta Club was founded.
The motto of the National Beta Club is, "Let Us Lead By Serving Others". Service to others is one of the most important characteristics of the Central High Beta Club.
Membership qualifications vary from school to school. Students who are invited to join the Central High Beta Club must meet the following criteria:
Members must have a 3.7 GPA to receive an invitation. To maintain good standing and active membership, members must also:
  • Maintain grades
  • Be an upstanding student with no discipline infractions
  • Actively participate in club activities.
  • Turn in 30 Beta hours yearly
Membership in the National Beta Club is considered an honor. Colleges and employers recognize the organization. Over $250,000 in scholarship money is awarded by the National office each year.
The Wartburg Central High School Beta Club is sponsored by Samantha Smith and Samantha Taylor.