10th Grade » 10th Grade

10th Grade

Sophomore Courses
English II
Algebra II
Foreign Language I & II
WCHS Electives
Fine Arts - Media Arts, Theatre Arts
Science - Environmental Science, Scientific Research, Ecology
History/Social Studies - American History II, Contemporary Issues, Tennessee History
English - Genre Literature, Creative Writing, Visual Literacy
Math - PreCal
Business & Marketing - Brew Crew
MCCTC Electives
Foundations of Interior Design
Residential Interior Design
Commercial Interior Design
Fundamentals of Commercial Construction
Residential & Commercial Construction I
Residential & Commercial Construction II
Health Science Education
Medical Therapeutics
Rehabilitation Careers
Anatomy & Physiology
Cosmetology 1A
Cosmetology 1B
Cosmetology II
Cosmetology III
Landscaping & Turf
Culinary Arts I
Culinary Arts II
Culinary Arts III
Intro to Manufacturing (Machining)
Principles of Machining I
Machining II (CNC)
Auto Maintenance and Light Repair I
Auto Maintenance and Light Repair II
Auto Maintenance and Light Repair III
Welding I
Principles of Ag Mechanics
Ag Power and Equipment
Small Animal Science
Large Animal Science
STEM I: Foundations