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Alternative School

"Alternative education programs in Tennessee provide students with a safe and engaging environment that encourages them to follow a productive path rather than giving up entirely."

Our mission at the Alternative School is to empower every student to achieve their highest behavioral and academic potential through a consistent, safe, and structured environment while encouraging personal accountability through the utilization of all stakeholders.

The primary purpose of the Alternative School is to serve as a disciplinary school for students in grades 9-12 who the school district has assigned. Our ultimate mission is to return the student to their regular school program, with academic progress, and with a self-understanding to make better decisions in regards to behavior in the future. With that in mind, we must work together to direct the students academics and behavior through the Alternative School rules and procedures.

Alternative Education. Not just an alternative, but an opportunity 

As early as 1984, the Tennessee General Assembly passed a bill authorizing the establishment of an alternative school for students who were having disciplinary problems. In 1992, the General Assembly mandated that one alternative school be established for each local school district to serve suspended and expelled youth. The Tennessee Department of Education works to help districts ensure that quality alternative learning environments are created for students. The Department coordinates activities of both the Study Council for Alternative Education and the Governor’s Advisory Council for Alternative Education. Both entities work alongside Department officials to improve alternative education in Tennessee and to serve as an advocate for students and teachers in alternative school settings.