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Morgan County History

Morgan County is located on the Cumberland Plateau, which is about 1,500 feet above sea level. It is surrounded by Scott, Anderson, Roane, Cumberland and Fentress Counties. The primary mountain chain that runs through Morgan County is a part of the Cumberland Range. The county has large rivers and tributaries which include: Emory, Clear Creek, Obed River and others.

People began to settle in Morgan County soon after the Indian title to the land was relinquished. In 1817 the Legislature passed an act providing for the organization of a county to be named in honor of Gen. Daniel Morgan. In 1870 an election was held to move the seat of justice to Wartburg. With all the votes deciding, the justice was moved to the central location in Wartburg.

In 1870, the justice was moved to Wartburg. The county seat today is still the quant town of Wartburg, full of hometown nostalgia and a great community atmosphere.